Now supplying Ian Mankin fabrics

Now supplying Ian Mankin fabrics

I became a  supplier for Ian Mankin fabrics just a few weeks ago and at that time I got a sneak peek (and feel!) of their new Ashfield collection. This has now been released for the new Autumn 2016 range and I wanted to share some photographs with you.

This is Ian Mankin’s first venture in to woollen fabrics. Wool can have something of the Scottish lodge about it; but not this!


Ashfield collection from Ian Mankin

Ian Mankin fabrics feature natural and organic fibres, sourced in the UK. This range is no exception and is woven at their own mill in Lancashire. The collection features jacquard woven designs in melange dyed Shetland wools spun in Yorkshire, creating a softer hue which blends easily with the existing range.


Modern but classic colours and patterns make these fabrics ideal for many settings

An unusual character of the collection is that all of the designs are reversible, so that either side of the fabric can be used to create a different effect. All the fabrics are suitable for upholstery, curtains, blinds and accessories and are naturally flame-retardant without the addition of any chemicals.


Layered patterns create a cosy feel in this bedroom setting

Of course these could be used in a Scottish hunting lodge but these gorgeous patterns and colours will be very at home in all sorts of settings. And as the fabric is inherently flame-retardant they would be great in a commercial setting too. The Ashfield collection is now available from Honeybee Handmade. Do get in touch if you would like to see for yourself!


A relaxed contemporary feel